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Apple iPhone Shiny Water Ripple Case

Apple iPhone Shiny Water Ripple Case

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Crafted with precision, this case features a sleek and lightweight design that enhances the aesthetic appeal of your device. Its anti-fingerprint, anti-scratch, and dustproof properties ensure that your iPhone remains pristine and protected at all times.

The shockproof bumper construction offers advanced protection against accidental drops and impacts, while the soft TPU material provides a comfortable grip and non-slip surface.

Compatible with various iPhone models, including iPhone 15, iPhone 14, iPhone 13 and more. This case offers versatile protection for your device. The camera lens protection shell ensures that your camera remains safe from scratches and damage.

• Fitted Lightweight Case

• Comfortable grip and Non-slip surface

• Anti-fingerprint, Anti-scratch, and Dustproof

• Soft TPU material

• Covers all sides.


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